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    In my last blog I started telling of the accident I encountered. I avoided having to get surgery but was in terrible pain around the clock. I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks or so. Then I started burn and physical therapy on my arms. I could not raise or move the fingers on my right hand. My right arm was unable to bend and became stiff which became very painful. My left arm was burnt but I was able to fully move it. While staying in the hospital I learned one of the most painful lessons someone could ever learn....who my true friends were. The band assumed I was done. They immediately replaced me. I was devastated. After replacing me, they did not even tell me or come to the hospital to see how I was doing. I had known these guys since 6th grade. I was in shock when this happened. I lost my girlfriend during this time as well.

     I had other good friends that helped me out. I was unable to do things like feeding myself. I could bath myself but this was a gruesome task. I had trouble with certain aspects of dressing myself. It was very frustrating and I felt helpless. After 4 months of therapy, my burns had healed but there was not any progress in the movement of the fingers on the right arm. They manipulated the bend in my right arm but I was still very limited in my mobility. I could tell by the demeanor of the therapists that they were not too optimistic about me recovering fully. Driving was a cumbersome task, on days when I was actually able. Due to the amount of pain meds it was probably best I did not try to drive. I think all the medication really helped numb some of the pain during all of this. Despite the medication, I still felt washed up and trapped in a situation I had no control over. I was probably in the most vulnerable position of my life. I was not good at sitting around being patient and just dealing with life. It was horrible.


Question: Has anyone else out there ever felt as helpless as this? What thoughts ran through your head during the course of this dilemma? Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

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