All Eyes, All Ears, But No Attention?

    Last week I posted on something near and dear to all of our hearts, Building Our Audience. Wanting to be noticed is part of our DNA. Your motivation could be financial. You just might want to make new friends. So what do you do when you feel like you have done everything humanly possible to get attention?  Are you questioning if you are invisible? Do you feel misunderstood?  You have read, listened, and watched but you still just cannot get anyone to give you attention in return.

Here are some key things to consider:

·         Most people do not find you or your products as awesome as you do. Hard to believe, isn't it?

·         Everyone will NEVER see you or your product as important as you do. Unfortunately, sad but true. Everything is not for everybody.

·         Why should they? You should never even walk into forming a relationship expecting an equal amount of passion from the other person initially.

·         Do they trust you? Do they even like you? Pretty much sums it up.

·         What is your level of momentum going in? In business or relationships it is much easier if someone has a positive pre-defined feeling beforehand. It is easier to get friends if people have already been told you are worthy. It is definitely much easier to gain in business with prior credibility.

·         If you people won't buy into you, they won't buy from you.

·         I shouldn't have to sell, should I? In business or relationships, when trying to obtain attention, you are trying to present the validity of your request. That is selling.

·         Take the display down: Just showing your opportunity off is not enough. There has to be action. If you want to be someone's friend, would you just go stand beside them with a sign in your hand, without ever saying a word. With opportunities, your display will be overlooked if it has no description behind it.

·         Become an artist: Have you painted a good picture of the specifics of why you or the opportunity you present would benefit the person? What kind of qualities do you offer to make your opportunity or friendship worthwhile?

·         Are you hitting them up for favors, before you offered one? Have you asked them if they needed anything? Going up and asking people for a favor out of the blue is ludicrous these days. People need incentives in business and friendships. What better way to get someone 's attention than to offer something first.

·         What have you done for them lately? Do it first, no excuses. People love it when you do stuff for them. Will they appreciate it, probably not at first, but they will love it. This will erase the question before it becomes an issue. It is also good because if you done something for them, and they don't buy in, they don't feel like it was a total waste of their time.

·         Are you honestly putting it out there? Never put your opportunities out there without going in for the kill 100%. Not displaying the ability to ask wholeheartedly shows you are hesitant in your intent. Having a lack of intent when offering anything, will put the other person in question. It exudes confidence when you deliver with intensity. If you are not confident, do you really expect them to be when making their decision? Imagine walking up to someone, asking them to be your friend, and telling them that you think you might be worthy. Uhhh...crickets are chirping now I am sure.

·         Did you hear what they said? What you say is valuable. What they say can be double as valuable. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to how they reply when asked a question. Let them ask questions. You will be able to fill in the blanks if you listen. In friends and business, listening is essential. If you don't take an interest in others, they won't take too much interest in you.

·         Did you do your homework? In person, or on social media, you should really take at least a few minutes to research your future prospect. If you want to be someone's friend, doesn't it make sense to find out what they enjoy?  Doesn't it make sense to see if you share common interests? Find out what they like? It is easier to fill their need if you know the answer to this ahead of time. This applies to business as well.

·         Have you really did everything possible? Usually when we take a hard deep look, we have not totally exhausted our resources. We are just exhausted with the methods we are currently using.

·         Have you tried a different approach? It never hurts to try a new way of doing something. Trying it does not mean it has to become the new way. Maybe think out of the box.  Approach things the total opposite of how you have in the past. Modify some of your responses to things you usually expect the other person to ask.

·         Sometimes it is the little things: Sometimes you will come to find out that some minor tweaking is all that is necessary. It only takes a little wrong to counteract the right.


    Going for anything in life, is not just an action, but a state of mind. It is one of the grandest tests of mental endurance known today. Seek and you shall find what you are looking for. The next time you feel like you feel like you have done everything possible, step back and ask yourself these questions. If you know someone else with this problem, ask them these questions. It might be simple enough, and it is. Not taking simple steps can make life complicated. You are awesome, the world just does not know it yet. It is time to show off the superstar in you!

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