Talk to Yourself...And Listen

     Some of the most informative conversations I have ever had were with myself. As crazy as this sounds, I talk to myself sometimes. I do this fairly regularly....almost daily. I don't take turns mimicking two different sides of a conversation. I usually don't even get in front of the mirror. What I mean by talking to myself is that I take time to listen to myself about my current thoughts and feelings. There are some things in life that can be put off, but feeling fulfilled and happy should not be those things. It is vital to evaluate how we feel currently, evaluating our current plan of action and direction as well. These things in the now can dictate the outcome of our lives in the future. We may know how we feel at the current moment, but do we really understand why and take the time to take it all in? Our lives get so crazy sometimes, that we forget about the way we feel. We try to forget sometimes because, at the current moment, that seems like the easiest solution.

     It is easy to get spun up in a web of confusion. The world is moving rapidly, and is not offering any indication that it will slow down. That is where we have to learn how to slow down despite the things going on around us. We go day to day wishing something would change tomorrow, but that requires us paying attention to today first. We all have great intentions about where we want to go, but are our present actions aligning with the intentions? Does the way we view ourselves now align with the person we one day hope to become? Everyone has great intentions, but sometimes, they remain only intentions. There is usually a true lack of focus and planning on the steps necessary to make that intent a reality.

     One of my biggest fears in my younger  years, was the fear of waking up at an old age feeling empty inside.  I feared realizing that I had been going a hundred miles an hour in no particular direction, not accomplishing anything along the way. Good news is that I am not that old yet, and no longer fear this. I no longer fear this because I made a deal to talk to myself. I ask myself how I feel about the present, and my expectations of my future. If I physically or mentally don't feel on top of my game, I instantly evaluate why, and make an effort to change some things. This is one of the secrets to owning your life, and not letting your life own you.

     If I feel great, I take time to understand that too. I like taking the time to be present in my current state and know why I feel this way at this moment of happiness. I am focusing on me and the moment, and nothing else.  I get as detailed to the colors and the smells around me. I want to remember the things that made the moment so great. I will need this, because times are not always great. When things get bad, Its gives me something to revisit. It usually almost instantly changes two key things that dictate the outcome of anything: My attitude and perception on life.

    Life can be great, if you really desire for it to be. When we have great moments, taking the time to really take them in can prove beneficial. When we have bad moments, we should take the time to revisit the great moments. This will usually calm us down and give us clarity in our thinking. We could sit there stewing in the bad moment, but the fact of the matter is, the bad moment happened regardless.  Reflecting on some earlier great moments could give us the edge to being in the presence of even greater moments later. Even on a bad day, if we have the road map pre-planned back to happiness, we will get back there a lot sooner.

    Everyone deserves to bask in the presence of happiness.   When you fail to attempt to be happy, you rob yourself and the people that are in your presence on a daily basis. You owe it to yourself and them, to be the best you, that you can possibly be.

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