Hanging in the Balance

What Is balance? I think balance is saying you are right where you need to be in all aspects of your life? But once you figure that out, what do you do. If you are only right where you need to be, it will not take very much to know things off of blance again. What is wrong with taking certain aspects of your life and exceelillin at it. Have you ever just felt confused? Maybe even lost? You knew you did not want to go back but you did not know how to move forward? Do you fear failure? Do you at the same time fear success? Do you wonder how success would change your life as an individual? Do you wonder how it might change your family or the people around you? You are maybe not in the ideal situation but it is not painful enough that you long for anything more? You might even be wore out from constantly trying but not feeling like you are achieving anything?

Well, the good news is you are human and very much normal. We all go through times in our lives where we just don't feel like anything can satisfy us or fulfill our longing. We know there is something out there but we don't know how to find it. Some of us are alive but we just don't feel like we are living life. We know what made us unhappy  so we find ourselves constantly fighting to never go back. We are fighting against the tide just to keep our head above water. We wonder when that breakthrough or game changing event in our life is going to happen that will change everything. Sometimes we wonder if it ever will happen. A lot of that is up to us.

I just kind of wanted to set the stage for the outline of my next few blogs. I know in my life I have experienced these feelings. I would know what I wanted but almost felt paralyzed to move forward for the fact that I would feel empty inside once again after I met the goal. Sometimes I felt paralyzed because I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and did not know how to move forward and make things happen. In my next few blogs I want to share some things I have personally used to get me out of these "ruts" so to speak.

I know this is a paramount time where no matter the walk of life there are many people feeling this way. I really hope some of these things can move someone in the right direction. I hope you enjoy these upcoming blogs and I encourage you to re-share them if you think it is something that could help someone else.

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