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I often think that it is necessary to know what it is that builds dreams and what those dreams consist of that you would like to achieve. In order for you to transform yourself into an alternate reality other than the present you must fully understand the dream. One question that comes to mind is , "What feeds this dream?" What would keep you going towards your dream even when the end is nowhere in sight? The answer is desire.  One definition of desire is A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. When you crave desires this automatically sparks dreams within you. You can have a goal of where you want to be in a year from now. Can you take action towards that only one day out of that year and expect change? Probably not. However, short burst or steps over the course of the year will help you arrive at the big goal.

Many people that venture out to achieve long-term goals can associate with things such as burnout, obstacles, or even being overwhelmed at times. I spoke to a gentlemen a while back that had told me he lost his job. Well my first question was, "What is stopping you from getting another one? He replied, "When I lost my job I lost my car due to the fact I could not pay for it anymore." I asked him if he had asked for any help. With a look of shame on his face he replied, "No." My next question was, "How do you feel?" He said he had no clue where to start to solve his problem. He was overwhelmed. He felt useless and lost. The thing he did not get was why he was overwhelmed because obviously he had plenty of time to figure out his problems. I then presented him with the question, " What makes you happy? Not just now but anytime in your life has there been something you have ever experienced that gave you joy every time? Is it a person, an activity, or a certain experience?" He thought about this for a while. I told him not to rush for the answer but to think about it. Well the next day he figured it out. I told him, "That is the first thing you need to do before you worry about your problems today." He was kind of silent. I explained to him that he had become so entangled in all of his problems that he had killed his desire to want to solve his problems. He sat all hours of the day just face to face with his problems. He had obstacles. He was definitely overwhelmed and burnt out. What he needed was to feed his desires to rekindle the flame to even solve the simple and present problems in his life. This would just not be a disconnect but kind of a mental reward for him. So we decided how he would achieve the thing that made him most happy and made that reality for him. At the end of the day, I recommended he get some rest for the big day tomorrow. He realized for the first time in a long time he actually laid his head down with a feeling of peace and relaxation. Was it because his circumstances had changed? No. It was because he was in a different state of mind. He had clarity. He felt like he could actually think his problems through now. After a good night's rest he felt like he would be unstoppable. But in reality he and I both knew that the full extent of his problems would not be solved tomorrow.

Long story short it was a while before he got a job. However, he was up every day with a vigor and a plan to solve his problems. He would ask for help if he needed it. With these persistent efforts he even got the fire to eventually go to college as well. It was amazing how one day of enjoyment changed his whole perspective for the future. Even through the waiting period for another job, he decided to experience things that would make him happy on a regular basis. He was feeding his desires. When he began to feed his desires, his dreams came alive even bigger than he imagined. Then eventually this gave him determination to move them towards reality. We have to be happy even throughout the rough journey. This affects how we will react not only mentally but physically as well. Situations should not put chains on us to quit experiencing joy. Life is too short to not experience joy in our lives. Feed the desire, watch your dreams be fueled, and watch it manifest into reality.

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