Truly Amazing

I was sitting out on the deck today looking up at the sky. What I saw was unusual and truly amazing.  Above me there was a clear sky probably about 30 minutes from becoming dark for the night. To my left and to my right, however, there were clouds coming towards me. I could hear the not so distant sound of thunder even though directly above my head it was still clear and not even a single drop of rain. My initial reaction when I heard the sound of the thunder was to get up and go inside. Then I caught myself. I thought, "Why am I going inside? The storm has not actually got here. I am just assuming this." The underlying reason I was going inside was I did not want to experience the change that was going to take place. I did not want to be sitting out right in the middle of the storm. The funny thing about it was that the storm had not quite made it yet. I was assuming it was coming. Even after the fact the idea of sitting outside with a storm does not amuse me. I think so many times in our lives just because we think the storm is coming we run for shelter. Sure there are logical reasons in this scenario for me to take shelter in the case that the event I expect to happen would have actually taken  place. I started thinking how the earth would be if storms and rain never occurred. I realized how this change that was about to take place was really necessary for the survival of myself and the world. We could not live if all that ever happened were hot temperatures and blistering sunlight or cold weather for that matter. This change was essential despite the fact that I did not want to be in the middle of it.

We are often opposed to change in our lives. We are spoiled by the routines and schedules that deliver us consistency in our lives every day. We are often uncomfortable by any unexpected change coming into our lives no matter how small it might be. We tend to associate change with a negative outcome. We wonder so many times why we never truly see change in our lives. It is because we don't let change occur without a fight. We don't embrace change unless it is desirable at that instance and we give not a single thought for the future effect the change could make. We tug and wrestle for consistency in our lives. The fact of the matter is that if we always fight for consistency, we will keep getting consistency. But is it the right kind of consistency?

If we want change to happen, we simply have to let change happen. The right change will bring the right consistency in our lives.

We don't want the storm to come in our lives but sometimes it is necessary for survival in the end. The storms are what makes us or breaks us. Realize change is a good thing sometimes and the next time the storm comes, just embrace it and enjoy the ride. Quit fighting for consistency and fight for change. The outcome may indeed be truly amazing.

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