Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Have you been intimidated to try something new because you did not know how? Were you in question where to find the resources to help you do it? Do you find yourself not trying new things for the simple fact that you don't have it figured out yet? Have you been waiting for the right moment?

 Something I have come to learn is that the best knowledge you can attain is simply by attempting to do something. I think we miss out on so much opportunity in our lives because we are waiting to have it all figured out before we attempt those life changing opportunities. Here is the kicker. If you get it all figured out, trust me, someone else has already beat you to the punch.

In business and life in general we procrastinate too much when it comes to opportunity. We do not get the knowledge because we fear  the experience. We have to accept that sometimes when we attempt to do or try new things we might end up with less than desirable results at times. But that is the beauty of life and we cannot let this stop us from stepping out of the normal everyday routines. Make it a goal this week to try something new or to be open minded to something you have been skeptical about. Maybe you have wanted to go to a new destination or go on vacation somewhere. Make it happen. If you  do it,and don't like the result, then move on.  But at least you can say you tried it. We owe it to ourselves to let our dreams  manifest into reality. Being open minded opens doors you never thought possible. Sometimes life does not have a right moment and we just have to learn to roll with the punches. If you take the first step the knowledge will come.  We were put on this earth to experience happiness and to be able to enjoy things. Happiness is waiting on you. Now it is your job to walk towards it. So what are you waiting for?

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