You've Got To Own It

You’ve Got To Own It
We are in a world today where we are hammered with deadlines, hammered with different opinions and views, and new information and new ways to do something every day. It seems we are always on a never ending balancing act to even share moments with our loved ones. We run a never ending race only waiting for a moment of rest. Unfortunately, most of the time when we are at physical rest, our mind is still turning cartwheels.
Have you ever asked yourself, “When is it going to stop?” The constant going and going to the point of exhaustion. Well the bad news is that it probably will never stop. However, we need to choose the things that consume our life in this manner.
Who owns your happiness? What owns your happiness? Who owns your time? What owns your time? Who owns your time when you step out of bed in the morning? What owns you when you step out of bed in the morning?  These are all very important questions that can shift our focus back to where it needs to be.  These questions really center around the importance of priority in our lives.
If your career matters most to you, more than likely it is what owns you. If your career is what matters most to you, but it does not own you, why is that?
I, on the other hand, having a family, find myself having to do the whole balancing act. There are numerous things that attribute to my success in this area but one of the most important things is “owning it.” By owning it, I mean that I call my own shots a majority of the time. If I am overloaded on my job and a new project is offered to me, I ask for a 5 minute pitch of this project. If I do not see myself being committed to this or find it relevant to my success, I will usually say no. I know so many people that keep their plates full at work and really don’t advance like they should because they are overloaded with irrelevant meetings, projects, etc. Sometimes less is defintely more. Some people stay busy but they are really not productive in the end. There is a big difference between busy and productive.
This is just one example but always remember if you are not owning it, someone or something else is owning you. Life is too short to not have some degree of control over it.

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