Out of Place

Everyone wants to find that place. The place where they feel fulfilled on a daily basis and feel like they belong. Whether they are part of a collective or seeking personal satisfaction within themselves, everyone has a yearning to belong. But what happens when you feel like you don't belong? You feel like you don't fit in or life is not fitting in for you the way you desire?

Every person comes to that "?" moment in their life where they start questioning themselves about the choices they have made and the situations they have endured. When that happens it is the initial moment we start looking for that place. We start trying to fill the gaps in our lives so everything makes sense.

Sometimes in life we go on searches for that place and they end up being a wild goose chase. Sometimes our lives were not meant to be spent searching for another destination. We may very well have the building blocks already in front of us to create a place of our own. It seems like our human nature is to go hunting down someone else's place or doing what others do to make us fulfilled. We feel like we have to be congruent with the accomplishments of others or look and do like someone else has already done.

I have personally realized some of the hardest times in my life were some of the most defining moments towards building my place. I was working tirelessly and aimlessly trying to accomplish something else when the answer was all around me. Those times really built character in me and at the time I was feeling like I was failing left and right at my goals. But the fact of the matter was that I was accomplishing a lot and learning many valuable lessons when it was all said and done. It was just not the lessons I wanted to learn or the goals I wanted to achieve at that time, even though they were necessary to endure. Sometimes you have to accept those moments in your life when things don't make sense. That is when your vision becomes perfectly clear. Acceptance sometimes gives us the courage to move forward in our lives. Realizing something is not quite right in your life is the first step to making it a whole lot better. The great thing is that after you endure the hard part and lay a great foundation in your place in life, it is hard for someone or something to take it away from you.

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