Dealing With Failure

     We all want to talk of success. We have learned that to succeed we must fail. Even though this is the case, failure is not often easy to deal with. We are told to set goals for ourselves and reach for them. What happens when we do not reach those goals? We have to learn how to take action even when in our minds we don't see the other side. This is what makes winners. Winners learn how to go to that "secret place" in their mind where they are numb to the current circumstance. They keep acting even when the future does not look bright. Dealing with failure is not easy. If it was, everyone would reach success.
     What differentiates a successful person from an unsuccessful person is they learn how to deal with failure which prepares them for the road ahead. These people know life will not always happen the way they had hoped or planned. Accepting this fact enables them to cope much easier when things don't quite measure up. The voices of doubt want to overshadow us in the midst of failure, but we have to learn to avoid them and move on.
    We have been told we can do anything we want. That is not all the time true. Our efforts sometimes do not dictate the outcome of things. Truth is we are going to fail even when we are trying our hardest sometimes. The key to overcoming that failure is not quitting. Quitting means never trying to achieve any kind of goal. You may stop attempting one particular goal and move on to the other, but that is not quitting totally. The key is to keep going forward and find something new. If you can honestly say you have done everything in your power, it is ok to move on. In my opinion, this is not selling yourself short, you are just being realistic about your dreams.
    It is easy to talk of not quitting when everything seems to be going our way. The most important time we should  talk about not quitting is when things are not going our way. If we do not reach our goals that is all a part of temporary failure, but failure is necessary for success. Many successful people fail multiple times and try multiple things before breaking through to success. We should never let our dreams overshadow our reality. We cannot be perfect at everything we try. Sometimes the key to success is trying multiple things until you succeed.