Learn and Adapt, or Be Miserable?

    We all have a past. We all have a future. Most importantly, we all have a choice. A choice to learn and adapt, or to be miserable. We have a choice to have an opinion. Unfortunately, if we have opinions, without actions, opinions will be the only thing we are left with. We have a choice to embrace the world around us, learn new things, benefit ourselves, and benefit others.

    Learning and adapting sometimes is not comfortable. Learning and adapting is what will separate the lifestyles that people live in the near immediate future. We are living in a paradigm shift right now. Competition has gotten more fierce and the chances of the underdog winning have become much greater. The only way to win is to choose to learn and adapt. If we don't choose to do that, we will be miserable. There is no opting out or running away. It is a decision that has to be made head on with the upmost determination.
    Life will be miserable for those of us who refuse to learn and adapt. Learning and adapting is not compromise. Misery is a compromise. Standing in disgust at the world around us does not do good for anyone. It inhibits progress on a personal and widespread level.  Not liking the way things are is okay. Not doing anything about it, however, is not okay. Like it or not, the future is coming. It is not going to wait on any of us to catch up. We are going to have to grab a hold of the wave like never before.  We must learn to enjoy the ride along the way. We must learn to love those that are riding the wave with us  even if we choose to disagree on certain things. That is learning and adapting. That is what it takes to move things in different directions.

     Some think we are living in very different times. Some think we are living in uncertain and fearful times. Some think that we are living in exciting times. Some  think we are living in the end times. I like to think we are living in exciting times. I think some of the most exciting times in our life is what occurs after breaking through fear and uncertainty. To not get excited about life really does not prove to be profitable in my eyes.  What does it matter what I think? Sadly, this is the question many of us have asked ourselves before. Your thoughts matter. My thoughts matter. Our actions matter. Thoughts can bring actions that can change the world. Everyone deserves success. Every one owes it to themselves to learn and adapt. There is not a person on this earth who deserves to be miserable. But the game has been laid out and choices have to be made. Only time will tell. It will be painfully obvious what choices the people around us make.


  1. James what I love about your posts is, you always seem to hit the nail on the head! I suspect this is why I am always going against the tide! I do not understand what is going on and instead of learning and adjusting my attitude, I become very frustrated with the situation! Thank you for sharing this post ! I will never forget it!

  2. +Johnnie Hates Jazz. I am glad you enjoyed it. I have never been known to be one to beat around the bush...lol. Overcoming frustration is a day to day process for all of us. Frustration is a human emotion. It is impossible to quit becoming frustrated. It is possible on choosing how to use that emotion.
    I remember back when I would be digging for change to pay for things, that frustrated me. I used that frustration every time I wanted to quit and that fuel took me far. I have learned we are human and will always feel emotions. We just have to have an answer to channel them when they occur.