8 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself

    It is my belief that everyone desires to be successful at something within the course of their life. It is also my belief that success does not predicate on your bank account balance. There are several areas of your life you can achieve success in. What is success you ask?  Success for some people could be making more money, having better health, and for others it could just be contentment or stability in their lives.
    My question is what are the obstacles for the people who don't become successful? I think some people lack a template in order to define how to get what they want out of life. They cannot get to where they want to be in life because they are unsure of where they are currently at. Here are some questions you should ask yourself every day that could indicate necessary changes that need to be made:

1.)What is the last thing I do before I go to bed at night?
2.)What is the first thing I do when I get out of bed?
3.)Why do I do that thing first?
4.)What is my plan for today?
5.)How do I feel about what I am going to do today? Do I feel energized? Do I feel        dreadful?
6.)After I do those things, how does it make me feel?
7.)Am I satisfied with my life today?
8.)Who or what dictates the way I feel about my life?

    These questions alone can indicate a lot to you about the path you are taking in your life. Sometimes we learn the most about life when we stop and look at ourselves in the mirror. Next time you catch yourself looking in the mirror, ask yourself these questions. It could dramatically change the image on the other side of the mirror. Success is something we all deserve. Success has to come from within before it can show its external presence.


  1. I never thought about it that way! Simple actions we all take for granted and yet, these actions determine the outcome of our life! Great post James!

  2. +Johnnie Hates Jazz...it was funny to me when I figured this out. I felt like I should have figured it out at a much earlier time of my life. I guess the important part was figuring it out.
    Someone asked me a while back how to be successful. I told them to find the most unsuccessful person they knew, hang out with them for one day, take notes, and make sure to do the opposite from there on out...lol. I don't think they found it as a brilliant answer but they understood where I was coming from. :)

  3. I like it James. True that it's not all about the money, it can't be. I doubt when my time comes to leave this earth I'll be laying there taking my last breath and crunching numbers. It'll be the memories I've created and the things I accomplished that made me happy and proud. And with that it'll be alright.

  4. Most definitely +Whitney Jacqueline. Money cannot be the only motivator, there has to be a want inside the person to better themselves as well. These things make for those breathtaking moments you will be remembering as life flashes before your eyes. Thanks for your input and I am glad you enjoyed it!