Lost Without Chaos

Do you know that person who always has to have something going on in their life? If they don't have something going on they will create something for someone else. These are usually not positive things they create,  but destructive scenarios. The sick thing of it is they are lost without  displaying this kind of behavior. I think we all know that person. It is sad. They are literally lost in this world without chaos in their lives or causing it in the lives of others. My advice is if you know this kind of person, don't be patient hoping they will get better, just get away. One day hopefully the person will see that they are fighting a losing battle with life acting this way. We cannot get caught up in the drama of other people, life is way too short for that. If we are filling our lives with that kind of stuff we are taking up room for the good things that should be coming to us. Those kind of people do not add on to you and can cause you much heartache in the end.

We have to learn how to live life before we can ever live within success in anything else. Remember, success is not final. If you don't have the proper foundation built within your life your success will be short lived. Knowing the right kind of people to associate with is part of this. You are not bound and you are not obligated to hang around negativity. If you are hanging around negativity, you are choosing to. If you hang around hoping you can help a person like that you will end up in the middle of their storms. If you find yourself being that person choosing to hang around negativity, change today. It is simple. The only thing standing between you and change is decision.

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