Nothing Special

    I have never understood people who think they belong in the middle of a less than desirable situation. They think they are suffering for a reason. Makes no sense to me. Why would anyone think they should participate in a situation that makes them feel trapped or punished?  If people don't like their circumstances, they should do whatever is in their power  to change them. The situation might not get better instantly but they should not just sit there thinking they deserve less than anyone else on this earth. That is mediocre thinking. The only reason people have more than other people is because they went after what they wanted. If they did  not know how to get it they found the right people to help them attain it. They are  no different than anyone else on this earth. They took time to reflect and realize their reason to be here. They acquired or were born with the talent to carry out that reason. If people sit around thinking that they are not meant to go anywhere in this life, they will not go anywhere. If they think the only way to be someone is having it made beforehand, they will never have it made.

    Achievement in life is a journey. It should more importantly be a journey that is somewhat enjoyable. There will be low points and obstacles. That is just the way it goes. The sooner we accept that the better. Acceptance is sometimes the courage one needs to move on towards the end. When a journey is enjoyable that is the motivation to keep moving forward. The good will always outweigh the bad if the journey is enjoyable. If someone feels like they are trapped in a situation they do not enjoy, it is obvious they are headed in the wrong direction on the journey.

Everyone in life gets in a bad situation every once in a while. Everyone has the power to come out of that bad situation. Everyone has the power to come out of that situation a better person than before. Strive to be that kind of person that accepts the bad and moves forward no matter what. It will pay off in the grand scheme of things for sure.

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