The Search For The Necessity of Guarantee

    The other day something became so apparent to me about the way we live life. Everything we encounter in life is based on necessity for a guarantee. A guarantee is a "formal promise or assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled". We want guarantees  when we purchase products and  services that they are worth our time and money. We even want lifetime guarantees that products or services will last the rest of our lives. We want guarantees we are right before making life-changing  decisions. We want a guarantee that we will be living and breathing tomorrow. We want guarantees that our efforts will produce results before we attempt our efforts. We work hard all of our lives because we want a guarantee that one day we will have security and total balance in our lives. We work jobs instead of chasing our dreams for guarantee of an hourly wage versus a reward of uncertainty. We marry for a hope of a guarantee that the significant other can give us fulfillment for the rest of our days.

    I think now we live in a world where guarantee is not promised, but the search is hotter than ever before. We have constant innovation and technological advances simplifying our lives and answering so many questions. We definitely live in a day where there is no guarantee in our economy. We live in a day where we are not guaranteed the company that made our product or service will even be around tomorrow. We don't have the guarantee that we are right when making life-changing decisions. We don't have a guarantee or promise of being on this earth a few minutes from now.We most definitely don't have guarantees of security or balance in our lives due to working hard alone. With the ever-changing workforce paradigm and skill sets required, we have no guarantee that what got us there will keep us there. Sadly as it is, when we marry someone, there is no guarantee for that lasting a lifetime.

   A world where everything is guaranteed seems ideal, but is it? Wouldn't it be kind of boring if before we made every choice it was already destined for success? There would not be much thrill in victory. That would pretty much put everyone in a single category in this world. There would be no more risk takers. You are not taking a risk if you are guaranteed something will work. If everything was guaranteed, we probably would not have the great innovations  we have today. There is a new, better way brought out on how  to do something every day. It will be in the future, if ever, that we will see the final answer.

    As hard as life may seem sometimes, this chase we are on for guarantees of a better tomorrow is what life is all about. The search for guarantee raises a bar of higher standards and expectations .The search for guarantee is what energizes us to take on new tasks, learn new skills, and become better than we were before. It is the reason we will be sitting in leisure and the sudden thought of, "Why does this work like this?" occurs to us without any apparent reason. We are in a world where not just huge companies, but individuals, feel as if they have the power to change things and solve the world's problems.

    Be thankful everything in life is not guaranteed. It is what keeps us dreaming and willing to move forward. It is what differentiates one human being from another. It is what separates the paths taken by one human being versus another. It separates what one person accomplishes and what another person accomplishes. It is what separates the way we did something yesterday from the way we do it today. It is what brings groups of people together to accomplish a common goal. If we actually came to a point in our world or in our individual lives, where everything was guaranteed, would we be motivated to do anything next? Problems and the lack of guarantee is what leads us to go on a quest for solutions to make the world better. The lack of guarantee is what builds and defines us in society today.


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