Small Moves;Major Changes

  I woke up this morning with the worst pain in my knee. I was fine when I went to bed last night so I was not sure what was wrong. I was not sure how I could have damaged my knee  in my sleep. I thought maybe I was on the receiving end of  some kind of "Nightmare on Elm Street" I woke up with a tendon injury in my other leg as well before, so this was crazy to me. I could barely make it down the stairs this morning. Needless to say I was concerned because I had torn the ACL in that knee a few years ago which required surgery. That was not fun and I did not care to go through all of that again.

    It looked like it was time to go get an x ray to see what was going on. This was not the ideal way for me to start my morning but I knew it was necessary. I hobbled out to the vehicle and made my way to the doctor. As I expected, the first thing after talking to me was to x-ray the knee. Well, after the x-ray it was time to play the waiting game. This is the worst part for me. After a little while, the doctor came in and said, "Well, good news and bad news. Good news, it is not your knee. Bad news is that you have a slight tear in your quadricep. It won't require surgery but you will have to wear a supportive brace and go through a few weeks of physical therapy after it has a few weeks to heal." Needless to say I was relieved. I then of course asked the doctor how it happened. He said, "I don't know. Did you do anything out of the ordinary yesterday?" I could not think of anything except for playing with our god daughter. I was slinging her and playing around with her just like you do any other kid. He then made a statement that was priceless and made all the sense in the world to me. He said, " Sometimes it is the small moves that make major changes. Sometimes it is the things we do every day that we think won't hurt us that ultimately do in the end."

    I understood this concept. It is amazing how every day the things we do (or don't do) affect our lives so dramatically years down the road. Decisions even down to what we put in our mouths every day will alter our lives so much in the future. Decisions of the people we hang around and the things we do in their presence can make a difference. Those decisions at the time don't seem like a big deal to us. It is so crucial in our life that every day we are conscious of every action we take and decision we make. These things could be the things that make us or break us. I have seen it a million times over where people will be on the right track, make one wrong decision, and it alters their course. Long story short it amazed me how I could feel so much pain this morning from just slinging a 30 lb. kid around. I throw more weight than that in the gym by far so at the time I did not see the harm in doing it. This morning was a great reminder of a priceless life lesson. Think twice before doing anything. Sometimes bad things will happen despite, but thinking  through the things that you do will definitely save you heartache (and knee ache) in the end.

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