Whispers Will Not Cut It


Have you ever looked at a star, singer, a well-known athlete or actor and thought to yourself, "I wonder how they made it? What were the factors that separate them from any other person in this world?"
One of the most important things to remember about people of this nature is that most are really good or even great at what they do. They have spent much time and effort perfecting their craft. Most of these people were born to do what they do but they were not born doing it. They had to put in the proper effort and they put that effort in the areas that mattered. Ability, however, is only a percentage of what led to their success. One of the factors they had going for them is people knew who they were.
Of course at first the world did not know them, but along with their ability they found their voice and they shouted out to the world. In the face of their biggest fears, they overcame and showed the world who they were. I think there are many everyday people with even more ability to do what these well-known people do. Sure every person would not be a great actor but every person has that thing that would make them remembered by thousands, maybe even millions. We often find our voice but we fail to let others hear it.
I am sure there are better athletes out there than the ones we enjoy today. Even better actors and so forth. People often do not even realize their own potential. The even worse part is that others will never come to realize their potential either if they fail to make their voice heard. If you are not seeking to find your voice and sharing it with the world you are robbing this world of being blessed with knowing what you can do. You are robbing yourself as well. You owe it to yourself and others to know your full potential but whispers will not cut it. Half-hearted efforts will not put you over the top. We were not put on this earth to just live an ordinary life. We all have purpose. It should be our most important goal to seek out every day to find that purpose. After we find that purpose, we should run with it and yell like it is our last chance to make it.

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