Are you ready?

I think that one of the main reasons I have seen people around me fail is lack of preparation. An opportunity will arise in their life and they will be unprepared mentally, financially, or they may lack the skills. One lesson I have learned is that it always pays off to be ready. You should not wait for an opportunity and then get ready but be ready before the opportunity comes to you. That way you can hit the ground running. It is much easier to start something and stick with it if you already are at least halfway prepared in the beginning.

One thing I have implemented as a daily practice is having a list of things I want to work on to have me ready for new opportunities. Such things on my list are:

1.) Ways to have money for opportunity (Saving, investing, income streams, etc.) Like it or not it usually takes an initial investment to get anything started. You have to have a plan to first make money and then a plan on what to do with that money in the short term and long term.

2.) What materials am I reading to keep me in the right frame of mind to move forward? This is important but only part of the equation. You need to read books that keep you in a positive state of mind. But keep in mind that being positive in your attitude only will get you nowhere. I know people that are happy and positive but due to lack of action they do not achieve their goals. Make actions daily that add on to you as a person and go towards what you are out to achieve.

3.) What skills should I work on to prepare me for what is yet to come? You have to have skills. Maybe learning new programs or apps to help you achieve. Maybe you just genuinely need computer skills all around? If you are in business, do you need better people skills? Speaking skills? Marketing skills?. I could go on and on here but I think you get the picture.

4.) Who is in my circle of influence? I stay very attuned to the people that are better and smarter than I am. I try to learn from and keep these people as close as possible. I also weed out the ones that drag me down or speak negative of my efforts. You need people around you that are onboard with your plans and believe in you.

This is a broad scope of my list and then I put multiple sub-headings to plan daily, monthly, and yearly what my goals are. The first day of each week and each month I dedicate a lot more time to this list. Daily I work on carrying out these tasks and at the end of each week and month I access my progress and decide if I need to change my plan of action.
You need to sharpen your ax before you start cutting the tree, and for me this has been a great way to keep me on task and in line with the things I need to achieve my goals. I am sure most of you already know most of these things but I hope this is a great supplement to you and a great help! Good luck in your endeavors.

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