The Urgency To Seek

    It seems if you want to learn anything today it is a click away. It could be a simple book or a social media contact that aids you in the learning process. We have a great abundance information available to us. It is literally at our fingertips more so now than any time in history. Sometimes we get information that is not so great. We all wish we could find the magical answer, no doubt. The question is why can't we? If we have all of this information out there, how come there are not more average people doing extraordinary things. Is it because we live in such a competitive world these days? Well, it cannot be that. We have always lived in a competitive world and certain people have stepped up above the rest.  

    Back to the question, with this wealth of information and how-tos why is  everyone not profiting greatly from it? The reason is that many seek  for urgency when they should have the urgency to seek. We live in a world that will not stop for us.  To say we live in a world with accelerated development would be an understatement. It is hard in a fast moving world to not expect the answer quickly. If we don't find the answer quickly, we move onto something else looking for the answer to it. Our focus has a better chance to be compromised more now than ever before. Information is pulling at us every which way, but are we really leveraging it? But are we as individuals putting forth the effort that it takes to keep up with the pace of the world? Do we have an urgency to seek the answer as much as we have the want to seek for urgency? Plain and simple, if you want answers, you have to learn how to seek. If you don't want to find the answer, find someone who can help you with the answer. The answers is out there waiting to be discovered.  The answer started with someone who spent late sleepless nights  seeking for the answer. They were the person who could not rest well until the question was answered. If they were not finding the answer, they had someone else finding it, who was living the sleepless nights.

    We live in an amazing world and time right now. We have more of an advantage as ordinary people to do the most extraordinary things. It makes great sense to take advantage of the opportunities we have in front of us. If what you are doing is not working in your life, it is time to have an urgency to seek. Chances are, if what you are doing in life is not working out for you, you have been seeking urgency. Don't worry, it is human nature to want to do things the quickest way on the least amount of effort. It is strange that is our reflex, because it seldom works. People that end up great usually do so by tremendous amounts of effort. They seek what they need to do what they want to do. They seek the work ethic to carry out what it takes to perfect their craft. They seek what is required of them to be the best. If that is the answer, it is time to get started. Sounds like it might take a while !     :)    Good luck on your quest!

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  1. I AM currently seeking answers & blowing the top off Chattanooga 2 find them....I'm gonna get something out ta this....not sure what exactly, but something..