Giving it Back: How To Become an Inspiration To Others

    Many times in our lives we find the need to be inspired. There comes a point that we have to learn to inspire others. We have to learn how to step out of our comfort zones to increase knowledge in others. Being an inspiration is hard work. It is coming out from underneath and rising to the top. Everyone is always inspired by the underdog who prevails.

    If we want to become an inspiration, we cannot just do what we do well. We have to learn how to do it well through adversity and through the hard times. There are many people that can do things well. When their world falls apart, however, they can't do it all. Doing things well can be key whenever adversity comes if you know how to leverage. It can help you overcome hurdles and build momentum. It can help you get out of a bad situation much quicker. But our skills sometimes do not apply to situations that we are dealing with. Then what are we to do? 

     We have to realize that life can be a war sometimes. So if you were at war, let me ask you, would you give up? Quitting wouldn't be a choice, unless you intend on losing. We can go on or decide to become complacent. When we become complacent with the way life is, we quit growing. If we quit growing, how will we help others? When desire dies, the dream is usually not far behind. It is not just you that is impacted. It impact the lives of other people. The people who feed off of your knowledge and the need to be inspired by you.

    I remember I was at the gym one day and I went in feeling horrible. It took all I had just to motivate myself to go. I have to be mentally prepared to go in the gym and push myself physically. Even though I lacked the inspiration that day, I continued through it. I had been going through a lot of things in my personal life. I was mentally drained. My worry and lack of sleep was pouring over into my physical ability. I was spent. All I could do was keep going, even though I felt like I had nothing to offer. That day when I was in the locker room, this guy came up to me. He told me a while back he had considered quitting working out. He was struggling to lose weight. He went on to tell me that the reason he did not give up was because he had saw me be faithful. He saw the results I was delivering. Not to brag, but I have dropped around 80 pounds now. He told me how thankful he was for my presence in those uncertain times he was facing in his life. The funny thing is I had never spoken to the guy before that. Lesson to be learned here is always watch what you do. Watch what you are doing when you think no one is watching. Your intentions and actions can be infectious to others.
    So I encourage you today that when you don't feel like it, when it does not feel good, do it anyway. No matter who you are or what your walk of life, you are important and have something to offer this world. You have the ability to change the lives of many through your inspiration. I remember the first day I realized this, it changed my life. I hope it can change yours. < /br>

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