Nothing To Say and Afraid To Ask

    I came to a stumbling block a few weeks ago where my creative juices just shut off. I could not think of any ideas and nothing would come to my mind when it was time to write. I was not distracted otherwise and could not understand it. I concluded I was at a point where I had nothing to say. I figured the best thing for me to do now was to listen to others instead of speaking. That is the root of my inspiration. It stimulates my thinking, hearing and seeing various views and opinions. I love it when people can paint a picture with words. I think sometimes it is best even in human interaction to know when to listen instead of to speak. We learn so much when we choose to listen. Sometimes when we want someone to listen to us only, we could miss the piece of information that is vital to move things forward. If you are doing all the talking, it is hard to evaluate feelings and opinions of others. There is, however, a time to speak up.
    One of my strengths but also my weaknesses, was the ability to not ask for help. I was horrible at delegating tasks to others. As a child, I was scolded for asking for too much help and realized this carried on into my adulthood. It built me because I learned how to solve problems better. I never asked for people to help me figure it out, so I had myself being left to rely on for the solution.As I grew older, not asking clogged my time, because I was always trying to do it all by myself. I would get frustrated. I said nothing, but my frustration was apparent in the way I carried myself. One day I just got fed up and decided that I needed some help. I had way too much on my plate and I had a team for a reason. After the initial request, I felt a load come off of me. I started to see results like crazy. Come to find out my lack of speaking made some of my team feel like they were incapable.
    I have become much better at learning to ask and delegate tasks to others. I had always been one to use available tools,. but when it came to speaking, I was confused when and when not to use it. Sometimes our mouths can be our biggest assets, but at the same time, when used incorrectly, can be our greatest liabilities. It is said that there is the power of life and death in the tongue. I hold this to be true from past experiences. We should speak when help is needed. This can give us instantaneous rejuvenation. We can speak too much and it can cause us much grief when we deal with others.
    Society likes to confuse us on when the best time to open our mouths is. They would prefer never. I beg to differ. There comes a time when everyone should take initiative and speak out. Whether it be for help or to challenge something that does not quite make sense. We should not feel like we have to ask permission to speak, even though society would want us to feel differently today. Our voice was not created to be held in bondage. If we ever want to see change in our world, or personally, we cannot be afraid to speak up or ask the questions no one else dares to ask. We cannot be afraid to make the statements no one else will make. We have saw multiple people throughout history who were not afraid to speak up and exponential change occurred. Some were persecuted but change still took place. When we speak we risk persecution but if it means change that will make a difference, we should not fear. Know the time. It could just change the world.


  1. A very honest post and an excellent lesson to share with others!

  2. Right! The people who do the most good are those who overcome their fears of speaking up. Great post!

    1. Thanks Lisa. You are right and glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Yes!! There is a time to SPEAK UP and a time to SHUT UP and a time to LISTEN UP. We need to WISE UP to know the right time.

  4. That is dead on +Jeannette's Ozpix. Thanks for checking it out!